Research Documents on Nitric Oxide



NO has been used therapeutically to treat certain diseases characterized by NO insufficiency , including hypertension, angina and impotence. There is evidence that the L-arginine / NO system is defective in patients with hyper tension and possibly angina. NO has actually been used to treat angina for over 100 years in the form of nitroglycerin. Only recently have researchers determined that it is the NO releases by the Nitoglycerin (NG)in the vascular wall that is responsible for the activity of the NG. Inhaled NO has also proved effective, after cardio pulmonary bypass surgery, for pulmonary hypertension common in neonatal and adult respiratory distress syndrome.

One of the most relevant studies on NO ” Detection of Nitric Oxide in Mice by Electreon Paramagnetic resonance techniques” has been conducted essentially to detect, to quantify nitric oxide and to assess the role nitric oxide plays in certain neurological disease, including Huntington’s disease. It is the investigation of NO’s ties to the other closely related neurons ahat helped shed some light on its functions. A comparison on the amount of Nitric oxide present in a healthy, control mouse and a mouse with a neurological disease was carried out so as to determine whether increase nitric oxide levels are associated with the disease state.

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