World's First Herbal Demonstrable Memory Enhancer in 30 - 45 Minutes

This  is World’s first natural, prestigious, demonstrable  and proven product, that has been widely researched and   backed by strong scientific data on efficacy, toxicology, memory retention, anti-stress and safety from various reputed research institutes.

This is an unique breakthrough product in bio-medicine, endorsed by renowned  celebrities  as well as by common man .

It contains a wonderful, Unique  Herbal Extract  of  ‘BRAHMI’. Time immemorial the  Memory Enhancing Brahmi Plant consumed by Rishis  and Sages for Retention , Recall, Concentration, Immunity, Memory and Longevity( Ref. Atharvana Vedha and Charak Samhita )

This  has   two vital active  molecules – ‘Bacoside A’  and ‘Bacoside B’.

This Bacoside Component  of ‘Brahmi’ is responsible for bringing in multiple benefits.  Brahmi Extract increases the ‘NO’ (Nitric Oxide) production  in the body.

‘NO’ (Nitric Oxide) is the ‘Wonder Health Molecule’   that controls the  circulation of blood , blood pressure regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach, besides organs associated with the process of  learning, memory and   improving immunity for  fighting viral and bacterial infections


  • To wake up early or stay late and still  be fresh
  • Reduces  the stress proteins in the brain – leaving you less prone to distraction ( For Doctors  reading this: It increases Cyclic GMP )
  • Improves mental alertness and ability to grasp faster
  • Improves long term and short term memory
  • Improves focus ability, enable you to study / work for longer periods
  • Overall fitness results in anti-ageing  and one would look younger and smarter
  • Boosts brain power and tones up nerves and memory

‘MEMORY PLUS ‘, a natural food in capsule form, which is   capable of   augmenting ‘NO’ (Nitric Oxide ) production in the body, thereby increasing alertness, relieving stress and enhancing memory.  

Validations by  2  Global ‘NO’ Pioneers

Dr. Robert F Furchgott , American Nobel Laureate

Dr. Robert F. Furchgott of USA tested Memory Plus in his Laboratory and it was proven that “Memory Plus helps in augmentation of ‘NO’(Nitric Oxide)”. Click here

Credential :

Dr. Robert F Furchgott  was the first person to identify ‘NO’(Nitric  Oxide) in the human body. For this discovery he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998 .

Prof . John Garthwaite ,UK , Scientist

Memory Plus  was also tested by another Pioneer Prof. John Garthwaite of   Wolfson Institute , London, UK ( Scientist) , who confirmed that by enhancing the production  of ‘NO’(Nitric Oxide ) , Memory Plus improved connectivity in the brain. Click here

Credential :

Prof.John Garthwaite  was the first person to identify  ‘NO’  ( Nitric Oxide ) in the human brain in the year 1999

Efficacy and Safety Data on Memory Plus

Efficacy and safety data tests were performed on Memory Plus in the following  institutes and proved to be safe and effective Click here

1. Baba Raghav Das Medical College, Gorakhpur ( In collaboration with Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI ) , Lucknow, INDIA.

     A Government of India Undertaking  headed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

 2. Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC, ( A Subsidiary of  Pfizer Inc.) , 7000, Portage Road , Kalamazoo ,MI 49001.UNITED STATES.

 3. Industrial Toxicology Research Centre (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research),Post Box No.80, M.G.Marg, Lucknow 226      001.INDIA. 


 TIME Magazine carried  a Cover Story on MEMORY PLUS (May 5, 1997 ) – Click here

Admiration and Endorsements from select renowned   world personalities  Click here

Available in 30  and 60 Capsule Packs

"Promises a healthy & prosperous nation"

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